Aiming to make relevant and quality contents available to Financial professionals, Assetz constantly publishes articles regarding career in Finance. These materials are based on the solid experience of our founding partners in conducting executive search processes in this area, besides counting on the contribution of renowned Executives and their updated and realistic views on the themes.

Surveys | The CFO’s Profile in Brazil

Always valuing for a consistent and well-grounded executive search process, Assetz conducts periodical surveys regarding career in Finance in partnership with well-known education institutions.

Fast Facts

Using the information provided by the Executive Search processes conducted by Assetz, and maintaining the confidentiality of our clients and candidates, we publish, every new semester, our Fast Facts: an infographic about the behaviour of the Executive Search market in Finance.

5 Questions to the CFO

Periodically, we publish a new video from the series “5 Questions to the CFO”, in which a Financial Director with a recognized experience in the market is interviewed by us. In this conversation, we ask 5 questions about challenges and learnings of his or her professional career, experiences acquired by current position, and we also request to reveal a quote that inspires him or her the most.


“Career Forecast” is Assetz’s podcast channel in Spotify that presents exclusive content with varied themes about career in Finance. These podcasts have several formats and lengths, and all of them counts with the presence of our founding partners and important Finance Executives.


Aiming to make relevant and quality contents available to Financial professionals, Assetz, in partnership with renowned Executives from the Brazilian market, produces videos that approach the challenges faced during the Executive trajectory, a quote that inspires him or her the most, aspects of technical and behavioural development, in addition to successes and failures cases.

Assetz in the Media

As a result of a serious and diligent work, Assetz constantly participates in newspaper and magazines’ articles of the main communication vehicles regarding career in Finance, in addition to being invited to events and lectures at the most respected companies and education institutions in the country.

Career Insights

Aiming to contribute to the career building and development for Finance Leaders, we periodically publish, together with Arthur Azevedo (our Finance Career Expert), “Career Insights”, which contains learnings and reflections regarding the professional trajectory and routine of the Financial Executives, as well as tips on leadership and the main soft skills necessary for their success in companies.

CEO on Finance

In order to understand even more the role of the CFO and of the Finance area of organizations, we periodically publish “CEO on Finance”, episodes consisting of conversations between Assetz partners and a CEO guest, covering aspects such as the importance of the Finance area, what the CEO expects from the Finance Executives, and how the CFO can develop to become a CEO.