Updated Agenda

Our agenda of events and content posts regarding career in Finance is updated monthly.

Career Mentoring

In face-to-face meetings, the mentor – a Finance Executive with a recognized trajectory of successes – comments on how he or she faced challenges, tells the public about successes and failures, about technical and behavioural skills that needed to be improved, and gives tips for dealing with short, medium, and long-term action plans, as well as answering questions from participants.

Assetz Talks

Assetz Talks is an event in which our founding partners, along with great invited Finance Executives, approach the most relevant themes about the Executive Search market for Finance professionals, providing tips for the career development and for the participation in an Executive Search process.

Finance Executive Meeting

The Finance Executive Meeting is an event offered by Deloitte’s CFO Program Brazil and Assetz Expert Recruitment, which seeks to support Financial Executives in their development and updating by approaching technical and behavioral topics that are extremely relevant to the job market. This event is in person, free of charge and intended for CFOs selected by Deloitte and Assetz.


Aiming to share relevant and quality content to Financial professionals, and having in mind the geographical diversity, we periodically promote webinars to discuss themes regarding career in Finance. These virtual events count on the presence of renowned Executives invited by Assetz, thus encouraging a richer and more diversified debate.