How does Assetz protect your data?

Assetz is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Law (GDPL) and follows several information security best practices to protect your data.

How does Assetz treat your data?

We are responsible for protecting the personal data we hold, that is, information about the Finance Executives that come to us. In general, we collect data directly from the candidates, manage communication with them, and determine what information is collected and how it is processed.

With Assetz controlling their data, candidates have a tight security, since they can count on our high security standards and our responsibility for processing such data. In addition, our corporate clients are also in a safe position since their responsibilities for processing personal data are shared with us. It should be noted that Assetz’s position as a data guardian and user does not release our clients from their responsibilities as guardians and users of the data we share, should this be legally questioned.

Data collection and processing basics

To process personal data, except in specific situations that we point out in our Privacy Policy, we rely on the legal basis of fulfilling the contracts we have with the candidates or with our corporate clients. In other words, we use the data solely and exclusively to help candidates find a position that suits their profile. The personal data we collect is never used for other purposes, nor shared with third parties, as detailed in our policy.

We are committed to your privacy. Assetz does not use third-party data bases and does not share your personal information with any partners – except if it is strictly necessary so that you can participate in a recruitment process or similar situation, and always in strict accordance with our privacy policy.

We may collect information that is publicly available on the LinkedIn social network, but in that case, we will use it only because it is made generally available, i.e. it is visible to potential employers. Also, we will never seek to collect or store sensitive data about you.

Assetz will never process any of your personal information that does not respect the rules pointed out above. Therefore, for example, we do not accept resumés sent by third parties without legal mechanisms in place to ensure that you are aware of this and want Assetz to help you find a position.

Your security and rights

Within Assetz, all personal information is protected with layers of security such as encryption in data storage and transmission of the data, access by double authentication, access control using the principle of “minimum privilege”, retention of access logs, among others.

You can, at any time, exercise before Assetz the rights you hold under the GDPL. So, by sending us an email to the address we have pointed out above, you can ask for your data to be deleted, corrected, or for us to show you a copy of them. The idea is to reassure you to trust us with your information and to always give you full control over what is done with your personal data.

Does Assetz hire operators?

In very limited cases, as detailed in our privacy policy, yes. In conclusion and remembering that Assetz takes full responsibility for its operators, we have hired companies that are involved in data storage (Microsoft), communication with the candidates (WhatsApp), and management of the application data (ClockWork).

In case you´d like to know more about how your information is protected, we invite you to take  a look at our privacy policy by downloading the content or e-mail us at