Having all the process steps conducted directly by its founding-partners, Assetz’s recruitment and selection process is robust and recognized especially for its excellence, customization, and transparency. By means of the execution of a defined strategy based on its vast knowledge about the job market in Finance and using a variety of search engines, Assetz commits itself to find candidates with the most adherent technical and behavioural skills to the corporations’ necessities, and to follow on both the adaptation and evolution of candidates within the new company.

Assetz’s process embraces the following steps:

  • Immersion
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Follow-up
  • Integration


Environmental macro analysis: sector, business, moment, culture, purpose, and values of the company;

Environmental micro analysis: structure, organizational chart, activities within the area, and the direct manager profile;

• Detailed survey of the position’s needs.


• Initial diagnosis about the attractiveness of the position and possible challenges of the project;

• Establishment of a Search Strategy;

• Definition of the Project Schedule;

• Development and approval of a Work Plan.


• Access to the Clockwork system for an online follow-up of the project;

• Mapping out candidates;

• Profile and phone screening;

• Interview for the evaluation of candidates, based on Assetz’s Methodology;

• Definition of the approved candidates;

Preparation and presentation of the final material:

– Process indicators and findings;
– Detailed profile of the approved candidates;
– Individual Assessment report;
– Standardized resume.



• Scheduling interviews at the company;

• Preparation of candidates for the interview and feedback collection afterwards;

• Weekly update to candidates about the process status, and monitoring of the interest in the position;

• Collection of Professional Recommendations of the two final candidates;

• Support to the presentation and negotiation of the Job Offer together with the chosen candidate;

• Sending of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the contracting company and candidates.



• 3 mentoring sessions led by a Financial Senior Executive with an academic background in coaching in order to give support to the hired professional during the ramp-up process in the new company.