Assetz, in order to keep a high level of integrity in its operations, is oriented by a two-year mandate Advisory Board, which strives to maintain the company in accordance with the good practices of corporate governance and supports the definition of its strategy and its business decision-making process.

2023 - 2025

Michael J. Morrell

Advisory Board Chairman

Adriana Fellipelli



David Kallás



Marcelo Nobrega

Innovation and Technology Specialist for People Management and HR Techs Investor and Advisor

Rodrigo Funaro

General Manager Latam

Natural One

Previous Board Members

Camila Dantas

2021 to 2023

Carla Santello

2021 to 2023

João Paulo Seibel de Faria

2021 to 2023

Ronei Gomes

2021 to 2023

Augusto Ribeiro

2019 to 2021

Gustavo Barreto

2019 to 2021

Luciana Andreott

2019 a 2021